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Korean Journal of General Education 2015;9(3):435-471.
Published online September 30, 2015.
Research on Cognitive Thinking and Writing Process as a Personality Type
Dukhyun Jeong
성격유형별 인지적 사고 및 글쓰기 과정 연구
One of the incident height of the ability to target the training can be applied to the write target training. However, existing theories of writing and writing education does not provide information about the essential elements of learner thought processes in development thinking there was a limit. To overcome this limitation, write the model step by step, ‘cognitive letter model’, ‘social interaction models’ Write this previous research to refocus the inner thinking process of the learners through theory, such as it is beneficial. In other words, the learners are writing a plan that details how the accident research analyzes the implementation of learner activities at this stage. But to observe accident is typical learners use only think there are some limitations. See that the device is required to overcome this. In this study, we observed a higher cognitive processes to Personality Types complement previous research, we propose the practice. Was utilized to observe the MBTI personality type in the mind set, thinking highly visible non-magnetic paper, etc. were utilized to capture and presentation. In this research we perform MBTI personality test learners to take a writing class, utilizing the results closely to actual writing what the difference is found in personality types ranging from the ‘Writing Steps’ activities from ‘plans to stage’ It was observed by browsing the ‘internal thinking’ process of learners. These results were based on a step-by-step Writing learner who says that you have to configure the means through which steps or procedures by type. As a result, if the map using the personality types more delicate than the uniform teaching methods and specific and can be confirmed that this was a sophisticated teachings were able to show that the possibility of utilizing this as a way of teaching writing.
Key Words: MBTI, Writing Type personality type, way of thinking, Cognitive models, Thinking process, Self -Paper


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