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Korean Journal of General Education 2019;13(6):547-569.
Published online December 30, 2019.
Current Status and Implications of Liberal Arts Education at UK Universities
Hyangsook Kim, Jinsil Choi
영국대학의 교양교육 현황과 함의점
김향숙, 최진실
The purpose of this study is to find out the status and practice of liberal arts education at UK universities, which have been less discussed than in the United States, Japan, and China, and to investigate the aspects that can be referred to domestic liberal arts education. Due to the recent rapid change in the domestic educational environment, the Korean University of Liberal Arts is reorganizing the organization more flexibly to meet the needs of learners and to reduce the need for curriculum reforms to broaden the potential of learners. In this regard, this study proposes a British education model as a reference point that can be applied to domestic education through the analysis of program demands and a program interview and a staff interview. If liberal arts education in Korea is concentrated in freshman to improve basic skills for major education, the liberal arts education of UK universities shows the difference of curriculum for each university, and it is linked to the integrated creative education and master s education through various learning experiences. The type education is aimed in common. Convergence majors in science, natural sciences, social sciences, such as humanities and engineering, arts and humanities and sociology, provide a variety of perspectives on a subject, rather than a single point of view, to induce convergent thinking for learners. In particular, the UK s liberal arts education is a very innovative model in that learners can choose their own programs by selecting a variety of subjects and interdisciplinary subjects, and freely choose their majors accordingly. In terms of enabling flexible curriculum, it is meaningful to cultivate learners ability to cope flexibly in the rapidly changing Fourth Revolution. The results of the successful case study of liberal arts education at UK universities through the homepage and field survey by university provide another point of view for finding the problems and alternatives of current domestic liberal arts education. In addition, it is possible to focus on “Liberal Arts College,” which has emerged as a template for recent liberal arts innovation, and can contribute to presenting the direction of liberal arts education in the future.
Key Words: United Kingdom, Liberal Arts, major-minor combined, single honours, Korea, study abroad year


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