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Korean Journal of General Education 2019;13(3):53-75.
Published online June 30, 2019.
A Study on the Difference of Collaboration Ability According to Collaboration Experience and Collaboration Recognition among College Students
SeonJu Kim
대학생의 협업 경험, 협업 인식에 따른 협업 능력 차이 연구
The purpose of this study was to find out the difference of collaboration ability according to college student s experience of collaboration and perception, so as to help strengthen the collaboration ability of college students. This study analyzed the data of 539 students from three metropolitan areas in Seoul. The conclusion of this study is as follows. First, the level of collaboration among college students is insufficient, so the opportunities for collaboration experience should be expanded. The cooperative compensation type requires differential compensation according to the effort of the members, so it is necessary to provide a reasonable compensation system. Second, the ability to collaborate is high when there are many collaborative experience, experience as leader, and positive experience. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the team composition to maximize the effect of collaboration and to have a positive experience. In addition, education such as personal communication skills development and leadership improvement should be done in parallel. Third, it was found that those who had a positive opinion on the necessity of collaboration had higher ability to collaborate than those who had a neutral and negative viewpoint. Therefore, the instructor needs to consider the effective way to form a team by considering the subject and situation of collaboration. This study can be used as a basic data for the training of college students ability to collaborate, and it will be helpful for effective cooperative education by empirically identifying the factors influencing the improvement of collaboration ability.
Key Words: College student, Collaboration experience, Collaboration awareness, Ability to collaborate


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