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Korean Journal of General Education 2016;10(4):13-35.
Published online December 30, 2016.
Current diagnosis for convergence education and measures to improve convergence capacity
Byung-Sun Hong
현행 융합교육에 대한 진단과 융합역량 제고 방안
The general reasons for why convergence education should be implemented are as follows. First of all, because the effective period of knowledge is too short, we can not solve complex problems with expertise in a specific field alone. Secondly, in response to sudden changes in the social environment, we not only demand a new talent fitted here, but also from the standpoint of a company, the reason is that the burden of reeducation is large. Nevertheless, most domestic universities are dead in the development of educational programs and subjects for the convergence capacity development. However, here are the following two problems. One is a real problem because of the possibility of ensuring core competence through convergence education. The other is a question about whether such ability can be actually secured through convergence education. What is more important than anything here is that if there is no answer to these questions, there will only be problems in the effectiveness of convergence education. This is because it is possible to block the possibility of concern about the discussion over convergence education by establishing a basis on which convergence ability can be secured through convergence education. The main purpose of this paper is to block the possibility of criticism that it simply follows the trend of education by establishing grounds as to whether or not core competence can actually be secured through convergence education. Ultimately, based on these theoretical grounds, prepare a direction and a detailed practical strategy for enlightenment of convergence ability to ensure the possibility of differentiated application according to the uniqueness of each university try to. If the convergence ability can be trained through education in relation to whether or not the convergence ability can be revitalized, such ability is not a capacity born with congenital nature, and it can not be acquired mentally It means that you can do it. On the contrary, if the convergence ability is a capability that can not be acquired at an acquired time, the education itself will be meaningless. In that respect, securing theoretical grounds for this has a very important meaning. This is because the grounds are the grounds for judging the applicability of the convergence education on site. Of course, obeying any definition for education is based on the possibility of acquired. Ultimately, education is the ability to be acquired afterwards through education rather than being capable of congenitally giving convergence ability in the dimension to cultivate specific abilities.
Key Words: convergence education, convergence ability, theoretical basis of convergence ability, acquired learning, effectiveness of convergence education


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