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Korean Journal of General Education 2014;8(6):727-754.
Published online December 30, 2014.
Searching for the Direction of Developing Liberal Arts Courses in the Global Era - Centering Around “Communication through Western Literature”, as a Balancing Liberal Arts of Keimyung University PDF icon
Eun Sook Lee
글로벌 시대 교양강좌개발 방향 모색
The liberal arts courses of Keimyung University were entirely reshuffled in 2013 and the new courses have been put into practice since 2014. The newly reformed one focuses on the following five directions. First, the purposes and objectives of liberal arts curriculum should be firmly set up. Second, a balancing liberal arts education need to be developed by categorizing liberal arts curriculum not based on academic areas but centering around topics and subjects. Third, major basic subjects were reprogrammed into majors, not into liberal arts. Fourth, ‘Basic Writing’ course was newly opened as a liberal arts subject in connection with expanding the subjects related to writing skills. Lastly, career searching and self enrichment programs were extended and included not in the area of general liberal arts but in the system of balancing liberal arts. In particular, the balancing liberal arts I would like to introduce here cover six sectors which are prerequisite to develop mature citizenship for living with other people in harmony. The six sectors include history and philosophy, literature and art, society and culture, science and technology, global leadership, and career searching and self enrichment. Incorporating various areas of study, and excluding management-friendly academic subjects, a total of 79 balancing liberal arts subjects of the six sectors were opened in four individual classes per semester. The purpose of this article is to introduce the liberal arts course of “Communication through Western Literature”, which falls into literature and art out of the six liberal arts sectors, and to provide a thought-provoking suggestion for developing various college courses in the global era. “Communication through Western Literature” consists of a lecture by a professor based on the main texts abstracted from European literature, excluding English and American one, various activities by grouped students such as discussions and presentations, and creative writings by individuals. The purposes of this lecture are first to enhance students’ basic understanding of literary art, to develop a discerning eye for oneself and the world, to foster cultured citizens capable of embracing other people, and to cultivate a true spirit for challenge and adventure. Above all, ‘Writing My Future Autobiography’, the most important part of this course, is to help students enhance sensitivity necessary to live in the global age and foster the open-minded and future-oriented spirit of challenge.
Key Words: Global Era, global leadership, liberal arts curriculum, balancing liberal arts, Communication through Western Literature, writing my future autobiography
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