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Korean Journal of General Education 2007;1(2):81-99.
Published online December 30, 2007.
A case study of literature class for specilization of liberal education - on Liberal Arts Seminar in Keimyung University
Eun Sook Lee
교양교육의 전문성을 위한 문학 강의 사례
The Liberal Arts Seminar , which opened in 1997 in Keimyung University, consists of three stages - reading, discussing and writing of five classic texts. However, the students of this Liberal Arts Seminar are freshman who don t have suitable reading habit because they are a part of an internet generation. Therefore, these students need additional skills or have to develop logical thinking which is required for university research. And most of these students have recently taken strenuous college entrance exams. As a result, this reality creates a hinderance to achieve the goal of the class. The professor is required to explore ways to restore the pleasure of reading to their students. Therefore, literature texts based on emotion rather than logic , play an important role in developing students pleasure of reading, and for teaching of these texts, the professor must interfere positively as a kind of therapist. This article aims to develop a specialization of literary education as a part of a liberal education focusing on the Liberal Arts Seminar in Keimyung University. Literature teaching materials for this study are “Selected poetry of Kim So Wol” and “The merchant of Venice” by Shakespeare. Each stage is composed of an initial stage, a working stage, and a final stage all including a process of counseling. In Chapter I which considers “an evocation of image of the past by a vocal language ”, the professor invited the students not to comprehend but to experience literature by causing emotion through melodic vocal language, an effect of reciting the poems. In this stage, the students can return to their childhoods by reciting “Mother and Sister” by Kim So Wol, and also open their minds to discussion which is a part of the class goal of the Liberal Arts Seminar . In chapter II, we observed that students express their affectivity of the here and now in the anonymous of rewriting “I didn t know in the past by Kim So Wol”. The appropriate feedback of the professor to students who are troubled by the affections of loneliness and longing , was able to help them participate during the activity in the classrooms. In chapter III which looked at the augmentation of the relationship through the body , we found that the relationship of the students is improved by the dramatization of the “Merchant of Venice”. Through physical movement, they were able to achieve more spontaneity, more comprehension of the text, greater expectations for the class, and more courage to take off this persona for discussion. In a word, literature education as a liberal arts education must be composed of strategies which use and promote the characteristics of each genre of the literature through the recovery of affection. So professors who have a desire to teach literature must show all their literary resources in their fullness in order to approach the substance of literature. In addition, they have to utilize all their qualities as a counselor, a literary critic, a cultural critic, a storyteller in order to establish a close relationship with their students.


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