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Korean Journal of General Education 2021;15(5):71-84.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.46392/kjge.2021.15.5.71    Published online October 31, 2021.
The Necessity and Method of Death Education as a Liberal Arts Subject
Sul Joong Hwang
Professor, Daejeon University
인문 교양으로서 죽음 교육의 필요성과 융복합 실천 방법
대전대학교 H-LAC 교수
Correspondence:  Sul Joong Hwang,
Email: hegelian@dju.kr
Received: 20 September 2021   • Revised: 20 October 2021   • Accepted: 25 October 2021
The purpose of this essay is to create and promote a discourse on how to develop and operate convergence education within the liberal arts. Currently, the liberal arts curriculum is suffering from considerable difficulties caused by the logic of capital that has penetrated into universities. In such a crisis situation, death education can be an important motive for restoring the value of liberal arts. Students must one day face their own death. In the face of existential and ontological death, students are forced to ask the most valuable and meaningful questions in life, and these questions contain the classic essence of the liberal arts. Death has a very complex and multi-layered nature that can not be dealt with only by a single major subject. In order to fully and deeply deal with death, convergence education is needed. As death is a mirror that reflects life as a whole, it is necessary for us to review carefully the various and opposing views and positions on death together. Therefore, rather than having one professor in charge of death education, it is much more effective for many professors with different majors to participate in the lecture as possible. Seen in this light, a lecture on ‘Life and Death’ as an example of convergence education in the liberal arts is presented. By participating in free and open discussion about the problems of life and death without trying to provide only one right answer, students can gain a broader perspective on human beings and the world, as well as have an opportunity to reflect on their own lives and make independent decisions.
Key Words: liberal arts education, convergence education, death education, life and death, the value and meaning of life, independent life


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