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Korean Journal of General Education 2020;14(5):123-135.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.46392/kjge.2020.14.5.123    Published online October 31, 2020.
On the Competency-based Operation and Improvement Plan of Liberal Arts Courses -Focusing on the CEA Case of S University
Sang Hee Kang
Visiting Professor, KC University
역량기반 교양교과목 운영 방안에 대한 고찰 -S대 교과기반 평가(CEA) 사례를 중심으로
케이씨대학교 초빙교수
Correspondence:  Sang Hee Kang,
Email: 0f32@kcu.ac.kr
Received: 20 September 2020   • Revised: 20 October 2020   • Accepted: 22 October 2020
Competency-based education has been emphasized since the turn of the 21st century’s knowledge-based society, in which both technological and industrial innovation have accelerated. Changes in the era and social needs have led to inevitable shifts in the direction and content of education. Competency-based education is a signal that shows that the function and role of education also need to be changed.
Despite the criticism that it is being developed as a sort of trendy, educational discourse without sufficient reflection, competency-based education is becoming more and more important, in large part due to its substantive character. As a result, the methodology of how to implement the form and the contents of competency-based education becomes important. The competency-based curriculum is the attempt to set the learner's competency development as the core value of education, design and operate the curriculum, evaluate the achievement level of the students based on the set competency, and to improve the overall quality of education.
To be sure, there is no curriculum that does not require some improvement or modification. Improvement is based on evaluation. This is why we need to evaluate the operation of any given curriculum. Competency-based assessments in course units serve as a mechanism for continually improving the curriculum. This is why we have course embedded assessments of competencies in competency-based education.
This paper presents a practice for operation and improvement of competency-based liberal arts education based on course embedded assessment. This paper is a kind of case study, which will take into account lecture design, the evaluation method, and the improvement plan (CQI) for the evaluation of competency-based liberal arts courses.
The contents of this paper are as follows: First, we introduce conceptual models for the operation and improvement of a competency-based liberal arts curriculum, along with the competency-based courses improvement process based on the ADDIE model. Next, evaluation and improvement cases of competency-based courses are introduced. The case study consists of analyzing and designing the operation of the course, analyzing the results of the evaluation, and deriving the improvement plan for the lecture. Finally, this paper concludes with recommendations.
Key Words: Course Embedded Assessment, Course Learning Objectives/Outcomes, Learning Outcomes Assessment, Competency-based General Education, Outcomes-based Education


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